Cavitation and sonophoresis

CAVITATION PEEL  cavitation peeling-method of cleansing the skin. It’s a treatment using an ultrasound, removes of excess sebum from pores and follicles capillaries, gets rid of dead skin, blackheads and bacteria.

SONOPHORESIS – uses low-lewe ultrasound vibration to penetrate the skin barier and allow topical skin care products and vitamins to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Warmth produced by ultrasound permeates deep into tissues of the skin. Treatment brings relaxation of the skin and muscles, improves blood and lymphs flow, metabolism and cell regeneration.

Name Price
(face, neck, décolletage/other part of the body)
20 min.
60 PLN
Cavitation peeling + serum
35 min.
90 PLN
Cavitation Peeling + Sonophoresis + Mask
60 min.
160 PLN
20 min.
90 PLN

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