Wellness Zone Kombornia Manor Hotel & SPA ****


Arranged on 1000m2 in a newly built Orangery. The Orangery was an element missing in the manor complex. It has been constructed in accordance with historic examples of such structures found in manor complexes in the region.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - Basen It is especially worth visiting, as the higher than elsewhere temperature does miracles not only to orchids but also and even to a larger extent to those willing to practice sanitas per aquam. Here you may use a number of facilities such as swimming pools, dry and steam saunas, a salt cave and a gym.

For the comfort of our guests the Orangery is connected to the Manor with an underground passageway allowing a comfortable bathrobe walk between the buildings.

Pools with the Wellness Zone are available not only for hotel guests.

Hippocrates used to say that

"The way to keep the body in health and fitness is simple - a lots of water ..."

Today, none of that message has not changed. Water rejuvenates, adds beauty, heal. We want to give you moments of water madness and becouse of this we have prepared a special offer of our Water World.