Reception and banquets

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - przyjęcia i bankiety

When organising a social event (birthday, wedding, anniversaries, stag party, hen party etc.) it is hard to imagine a better venue than Kombornia Manor.

The complex has rooms suitable for traditional dinner, a garden which would be ideal for an evening reception and a park clearing suitable for a festive barbecue.

At Kombornia we value and strive for quality, coupled with excellent service, and all presented in a warm, welcoming environment.  Detail and organisation are key elements in hosting a successful event and at Kombornia we have the expertise and experience to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We arrange both private parties to celebrate baptisms, communions, birthdays, anniversaries as well as different rank of banquets, receptions, business meetings and setting catering to any place.

Reservations and inquiries should be directed to: