The plan of the Manor complex

The term "manor" was used to describe the whole residential complex in connection with the farm and village. It literally meant a complex of residential and farm structures with their surroundings. The central building of the complex, occupied by the owner, was described as "Masters house" or shortly "house".Today's appearance of this building is an effect of hundreds of years of modifications and the efforts made in recent years, to in its unique atmosphere guests would find true relaxation and rest. Accommodation in the monuments, mansions, palaces and monasteries is also a kind of journey to meet with the spirit of past times, their beauty and aesthetics.


Plan of the Manor Complex

To help you with the orientation below is the plan, which present manor-park in Kombornia, and clicking on tabs  you can see the description of individual buildings and their former and current functions.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - plan